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Still Life

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

I created this still life based on my religious believes. I really like this image of Jesus Christ gtaken from the Holy Shroud as I believe that iti s very powerful, so I decided to include it in my still life. I am showing the route of Jesuse’s life in my still life: from him being a baby in Virgin Mary’s hands on the left through his life of teaching and crusixiction – on the open page of the book – to his death – in the sculpture of pietta. I also lit up a candle as a symbol of his resurrection. In my blog I am showing unedited images and final photoshoped image. I used Canon 6d and studio lights and flashes.



Research: Portrait

I have been researching Rembrandt’s portraits of old men concentrating on the usage of light in them. I believe that the most important fature of his portraits is the way he uses the light, this makes his painrtings so unique. I also admire the way he paints old men hands. I am preparing to use contrasting lighting in my portrait of an old man in the style of Rembrandt.