Transformation: White Sun of Bethlehem

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

I took this picture on the way out from the Nativity Church in Bethlehem. I really like the effect from the Sun in it which reminds of a crucified person or of an angel flying up to the sky. Being at the holy land I was looking for the presence of the divine not only in the churches but also in everyday light. After taking this photo I went back to the hotel and tried to photograph the presence of God through the images of the sun. I had an experience nine years ago when I had a psychotic episode and I thought that God was talking to me through the sun. I wanted to reflect this intense experience in my images. Previously I tried to use this experience as my inspiration while creating and installation “I See Angels” while doing Foundation Diploma in Art in Design.


The images above show the sun shining through the streets of Bethlehem. I wanted to show how the divine affects our everyday life. We can see dirty cars, shops, people rushing to do shopping, but the rays of sun remind us of the presence of God.

The last image is the sun above the Nativity Church, the place where Jesus Christ was born. I don’t think that the quality of this image is great, but it is meaningful for me because of the place it was taken.


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