Mount of Temptation

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

I took these images at the Mount of Temptation where Jesus was tempted by the devil. This place is absolutely iconic for all Christian people and I was very happy to be there. Before going up to the mount I saw a camel and couldn’t resist the temptation to take his photo. I quite like the combination of yawing camel with the Mount of Temptation at the background as this picture has a slight sense as if the animal is shouting in pain which adds some sense of suffering to the whole image.


In this photo you can see the monastery built on the mountain in the distance. I took a few more pictures focusing particularly on the monastery. I edited the images adding contrast to them and reducing brightness slightly.



After that I went up the mountain and took some photos of this holy area on the way, partly from a mini-bus. My favourite photo in these series is this as it shows stubborn life  – a plant growing on a bare rock. To me it has a sense of survival – Jesus survived for 40 days fasting in the desert, which is an impossible task, and this little plant keeps growing which also seems to be an impossible, miraculous thing.



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