Transformation: Jordan

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

During my trip to Israel I went to the river Jordan where Jesus Christ was baptised by John the Baptist. It is an amazing place for each Christian and it is an especial blessing to have a dip in the water just like Jesus did. For this occasion you need to wear a special robe which you keep for life and usually people are buried in it. It is considered to be as second Baptism for the person and symbolises spiritual transformation in the name of Jesus. I included my own photo in the river Jordan in order to show how happy and transformed I looked. In such places you could hardly believe that you are actually there, but the whole thing is about believe, so this is the wrong word for this. You felt absolutely blessed to be there and to experience what many people only wish to be able to experience.


While bathing in the river I noticed a dove above it, I felt that it was a special sign of holy spirit being present. You can see the dove in the picture below. I edited this photo by adding saturation and contrast as well as clarity to it.


These pictures I took by the river Jordan fascinated me by the patterns palm trees’ shadows on the ground created. Gursky used a lot of patterns in his photos and I wanted to try to explore natural patterns in my photos. The last photo in this block I took by river Jordan as well, it shows an Orthodox church in the distance which reflects the meaning of this holy place for believers. I left that photo almost unedited, just added a bit of contrast to it. I took all the photos with 6D Canon camera and 24-105 lenses.

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