Transformation: Life at a Monastery

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

While visiting various churches and monasteries I was fascinated by the life that happens there, I am talking not only about people but also about animals and birds. By St. Sabba’s Monastery I saw an interesting interaction between a dove and a black cat. It seemed as if holy spirit as dove and devil as cat were both presented there and had an invisible fight for a human soul, it is reflected on this picture where my friend Luba reads some prayers while the cat and dove are waiting nearby.


And you can also see some ray of sun from above that also reflects God’s presence in the picture. I had to lighten the shadows in this picture in order to make the cat more visible.


On this picture you can see a direct confrontation of the dove and cat as if the confrontation of God and evil. My priest told me a long time ago that in churches devil is present more obviously than in other places as God is present there. I believe that I managed to take quite a symbolic picture.


The picture above shows multiple caves in the mountain, this is where the monks used to live. This picture is really important for me as it shows the strength of their belief. This is the place where the Judgement Day will take place, where the Throne of Jesus will be placed. To me the images of these mountains, rocks and desert are as powerful as images of the churches and monasteries in their sense of presence of God.

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