Final Exhibition

I am thinking about the final exhibition and I have chosen these images as representation of my journey through holy land. I would like to choose various images to reflect different stages of my journey in order to create the whole picture of my spiritual transformation. The point of my journey to Israel was to find myself and to get spiritual strength from the aura of Israel and Palestine as I have had a tough year. I went to Israel to search for the transformation and I believe that I achieved this. I was also very happy to see proof of what I felt and experienced before in the images at the churches – especially the image of the God’s eye watching over us from the sun. It was also amazing to experience the energy of the Judaean desert and the monasteries where even mobile phones don’t work because of the special aura of these places. In my pictures I tried to express invisible things and I would like to create a story through the combination of my images. On the subject of transformation: I believe that my faith has really grown after I was able to see the places where the life of Jesus took place. Because of the experience I had I would like other people to feel and realise that our lives are in the hands of God and that God is always present, not only in the churches, but on the streets, in the desert – everywhere. It was also amazing to see different sides of life in the monasteries inhibited not only by people but also by cats and dogs. It was particularly amazing for me that nearly every day I could see a white dove appearing from nowhere and I managed to photograph him above Jordan river, near the monastery, next to a soldier. Dove is an international image of Peace as well Holy Spirit, so I tried to picture Holy Spirit through my journey.

I have been editing images in order to better express my ideas, but I think at times I made some images, such as the ones of the roads and the desert, look too saturated, so I kept changing and adjusting them before printing them for the final exhibition.

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