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Transformation: Keep learning!

Unit 1 P2, P4 I went to photograph children’s celebration at a Russian school. It was a great even not only to document but also for my professional practice. Learning transforms people so I thought these images are relevant to the theme of transformation. 

I went to photogpraph Russian school event and thought that this can also be a good example of transformation theme – how learning transforms our lives. The kids showed me such inspiration in the way they performed. The teachers a really doing a great job and I tried to reflect this in the photos, I was particularly impressed by the dance teacher and I demonstrate this in the photos. I used Canobn 6D and 24-105 lenses, I had to vary aperture and iso, sutter speed was mainy 200. For most of the photos I used Canon flash. I have been commitioned to take these images so this is a good example of my professional practice.

For most of the photos I used Canon flash.