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Cruel and Tender: Presence of God

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

have been the official photographer for the Russian church in Chiswick and I have been taking these images throughout the year. I am particularly fascinated when the light shines through the church windows and creates the sense of God’s presence. I photoshoped the images slightly in order to add more dramatic effect. I believe that these images are relevant to the theme of cruel and tender as JJesus was loving and tender and he was cruelly crusified. Also some people consider God and his will to be cruel to them and consider themselves to be tender in God’s arms.


Cruel and Tender: Julia

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

I continued to work on the theme of cruel and tender and human volnurability, This time I photographed my friend Julia using long exposure and crerating trying to create the sense that our young years are passing too quick – she smiles on the photos, but she is almost transparent on most of them and changeble and tomorrow can be completely different. _MG_3347


















Research: Cruel and Tender. Alexey Titarenko

Unit 23 P1

As I have been experimenting with long exposurte I researched the work of this amazing Russian photographer who created his spiritual images of Russia and its people using this method. I believe that his images are really relevant to the theme of cruel and tender as they show people as a mass and give an acute sense of time passing and turning everybody into dust.

Research: Cruel and Tender. Spiritual Photography

Unit 23 P1

I have been researching spiritual photography as I was interested how I can reflect the invisible in my photos and give trhem deeper meaning. Also taken a long time ago these images are very relevant to our day as they can be considered to be on border with fine art. They create an amazing spiritual reality.

Cruel and Tender

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

I photographed my friend Elena for my project Cruel and Tender as I wanted to show a tender woman in a cruel city. I have been using long exposure for this photographs and achieved some interesting effects when Elena seems almost transparent. I wanted to create a sense of volnurability im photographs and a sense that life is fragile and passing and the stone city remains oin the earth for much longer than we humans. _MG_3090.jpg

Still Life

Unit 23 P2,P3,P4

I created this still life based on my religious believes. I really like this image of Jesus Christ gtaken from the Holy Shroud as I believe that iti s very powerful, so I decided to include it in my still life. I am showing the route of Jesuse’s life in my still life: from him being a baby in Virgin Mary’s hands on the left through his life of teaching and crusixiction – on the open page of the book – to his death – in the sculpture of pietta. I also lit up a candle as a symbol of his resurrection. In my blog I am showing unedited images and final photoshoped image. I used Canon 6d and studio lights and flashes.



Research: Portrait

I have been researching Rembrandt’s portraits of old men concentrating on the usage of light in them. I believe that the most important fature of his portraits is the way he uses the light, this makes his painrtings so unique. I also admire the way he paints old men hands. I am preparing to use contrasting lighting in my portrait of an old man in the style of Rembrandt.